Looking to track your order? 

When your order ships out, you will receive a confirmation email from Shopjanessaclothing@gmail.com with your tracking number in it. Depending on our order volume this make take up to 4-7 business days. Once you've receive the email, follow these steps: 

1: Visit the website: https://www.17track.net/en or USPS (we typically ship with them)

2: Enter the tracking code, provided in the Shipping Confirmation Email 

3: Click the "Track" Button. 


Or Another option is 

1: www.USPS.COM 

2: Enter tracking number provided in Shipping Confirmation Email 

3. Click the "Track" Button 


ThingS to keep in mind..

  • Order number doesn't Instantly update with available Delivery Status. If your tracking number entered shows that it is currently unavailable, DO NOT be alarmed -- Your order has been shipped out & Delivery Status should Update within a few days
  • Depending on the value of your Purchase & Item ordered, your package may not include a tracking number. If this is the case, you will be informed via email once your order has shipped out. Any orders over $20 generally have tracking numbers.
  • Please view our full Shipping & Delivery Policies 


For further questions, please email: Shopjanessaclothing@gmail.com